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More requests.

2007-10-06 00:00:11 by MooMan911

Any more requests? I don't know what song I want to do. Just tell me. I might check my messages daily. If you have requests, just respond to this post, or pm me.

something good

2007-09-21 19:09:25 by MooMan911

Well, my computer isn't having problems anymore. So, you should expect to see more songs soon.

My computer...

2007-09-10 20:37:49 by MooMan911

Sorry people. The computer I make my music is having problems. So it might be a while before I can use it again. Hope you can wait!!


2007-08-18 05:57:04 by MooMan911

For anyone who wants me to do any specific music piece for the Audio Portal, just tell me, and I will see what I can do.