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Entry #4

More requests.

2007-10-06 00:00:11 by MooMan911

Any more requests? I don't know what song I want to do. Just tell me. I might check my messages daily. If you have requests, just respond to this post, or pm me.


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2007-10-16 20:05:11

Pico's themes song? Or maybe KH's battle themes?


2007-11-21 23:00:26

metal gear solid has a great theme, and it's hard to find really good remixes of it.
i'd like to see something totally wacky metal gear style
anyway, love your work, keep at it!


2008-01-24 15:25:19

You should do something Paper Mario. No one has done boss #4, General Guy.

Yoshi for president!


2008-05-29 18:59:48

you really out did your self on the metal gear them song.


2008-11-15 19:17:32

could u possibly do Chaos from FF 1 fight theme i think it just sounds awesome


2012-03-07 13:48:00

I'd like to see a remix of the mother brain battle theme from super metroid, myself.